Opening Hours
The surgery opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 18:30 pm.  Please use 111 or 999 in an emergency.  There are also appointments available with a Doctor or a Nurse between 18:30pm - 19:30pm on Mondays.

Drop In Blood Clinic
Our drop in blood clinic runs from the following times:

Monday                09.15 – 11.00    
                   and   17.30 – 18.30      
Tuesday               08.45 – 11.00      
Wednesday          09.30 – 11.30       
Thursday              09.30 – 11.30       
Friday                   08.45 – 11.00        

Please note that the Drop In Blood Clinic is not suitable for Children (under 16) or for Methotrexate Monitoring bloods.  If you are asked to have a fasting blood test, you can still attend the clinic just let us know a day or two before so that we can ensure you are first on the list.

Please do not ask the HCA to carry out any other procedures, such as blood pressure testing or weight whilst attending the blood clinic, as this causes delays for other patients.

Practice Nurses
Our Practice Nurses offer a number of services including Asthma reviews, Diabetes reviews, Contraception services (including Pill Checks and Depot injections), Dressings and Wound Care, Ear Care, Childhood Immunisations, other Vaccinations/Injections, Cervical Screening (Smears), Spirometry, Suture removal, Swabs, Travel Vaccinations and Urine testing.

Health Care Assistants
Our Health Care Assistants are part of the Nursing team and support the Nurses by carrying out Blood Pressure checks, Weight/BMI checks, some Vaccinations and Injections, taking Blood, Dressings and Wound Care, ECG's, Memory Assessments, Removal of Sutures and Urine tesing.

General Practice Assistant (GPA) 
This is a new role being trialled nationally and we were one of 40 practices in the South West allocated funding in order to develop the role locally.  The GPA supports the GPs by carrying out observations prior to the GP examining the patient and then deals with the necessary paperwork after the consultation, freeing up GP time whilst ensuring patients have a full history taken and documented.

Nurse Practitioner
Our Nurse Practitioner works alongside the GPs and is able to prescribe medication, freeing up GP time for more complex care.  Our Nurse Practitioner can help with Eczema/Dry Skin, Joint Pain, New Contraception, Rashes, Coughs and Chest Infections, Urinary symptoms, Gynae Symptoms, Abdominal Pain, Menopause, Headaches and many other minor-moderate illnesses.  She also carries out Annual Learning Disability Reviews and Post Natal/6-8 week Baby Checks.

Child Immunisation Clinic
As of 1st October 2019, our child immunisation clinics will be running weekly, alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please note that reminders will be sent out to parents by Child Health to book into their own appointments at the surgery.

Pregnancy Tests
Please note that pregnancy tests are not appropriate for GP appointments. Home pregnancy tests are very accurate and therefore if positive, registered patients should book an appointment with our midwife. This can be done by using a form available at reception to have an appointment arranged within 8-10 weeks.

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